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~ Famous People ~

Today the only really "famous" person I know was rushing around to get his last "Back in Time" story ready for publication in the newspaper.  Danny Andrews, a legacy, is moving his unorganized desk from the Herald to Wayland Alumni...just teasing my friend!  God is opening doors for him to use the gifts that he has been blessed with in a new and exciting challenge. Pray for him as he allows God to lead.  What a fun time for him!!!

Now, if I know you and you thought you were famous...sorry I have offended you ;o)  Maybe another time I will think you are famous.

I just know that Danny Andrews would win at Millionaire...he knows so much and the stories he can tell!!!  I want him to write a book...he says, no. need to sit a spell with him sometime and just let him is good stuff.

Thanks friend!

~ Answered Prayer ~

The night my father passed away I was in bed and talking to God.  I asked him to let my dad tell my mother goodbye since she had not had the opportunity to see him alive that one last time in the new morning.  The next day my mother and I were visiting and she told me that daddy came to her and talked to her.  GIG! (God is Good) 

I had always prayed that my dad would not suffer a long illness until his death but that God would allow him to go quickly, in the blink of an eye...he did.  GIG!

My dad's family is not close, at all!  I had prayed that God would allow them to come together for my dad.  They did at his funeral.  They ALL were there and they all got along!  GIG!

I prayed to be a pillar of strength for my family. GIG!

I saw God's plan in death order revealed and understood why my dad had gone relationship with my mother was strengthened and God planned this.  GIG!

The blessings of friends was all around and that is the most awesome of God's encouragement during this time.  GIG!

As I traveled through the year following my dad's death God allowed me a "window" of healing.  This was the most awesome realization of God at work in my walk in the valley.  He would visually show me that he was letting me face a little more and that he was holding me in the palm of his hands...

It was like a pie graph would show up in my head and there would be a piece that was solid light and I could see that God was moving me forward again but felt assured, at peace knowing and feeling his presence and direction. This continued with each small piece until one day he showed me the last piece of healing was upon me and I knew that he had helped me to this place.  He had kept me in His hands...this is when I began using this phrase with all my correspondence!  GIG!!!

Here are a few poems/thoughts I wrote during this time, circa '95:



Death ~

Blue, gone,

Red, sad,


Power ~

Only one

God ~

Essential Gift.



With each Storm God gives us a rainbow and with each Rainbow god has showered us with Blessings!


Language of All

He is above ALL

Me, you, them, these, him, her, those, my and mostly I

He alone will hold us ALL



To accomplish true joy in this time we have been given on this earth we must have God as our source, know Jesus as our savior and serve others with the goal of bringing them into the realm of the reality that Jesus Christ IS and is all we need for true joy in life, as well, as in death.

God is Good!!!

~ Death or Hope ~

Since I thought I might die ;o) this past week, I have had time to think once again about what happens to us (believers) when we die.  I found this link that was pretty well written & thought I would share it with you.

For those of you who believe that God prepares us for each and every day because he loves us and knows the plans he has for us...I will share a little with you about my father's death. 

He died suddenly, within a few days of getting "ill".  Although he had a few episodes of collapse leading up to this time, each time his heart would stop but the fall would jump start it.  On his last day with us he sat down in his chair and leaned back and there was no fall to jump start his heart.  It was his time and he slept peacefully.  All the prior tests showed nothing so...  We moved into the grieving phase of an earthly death.

But what I want to share with you is how God prepared me for this day that I did not see/recognize until it occurred and then, tommorrow, how he walked me through the loss. 

My preparations began a couple of years before when I had a surgery.  In recovery I had a time where I was following a path, warm, full of light and complete peace (really indescribable) to a place where I wanted to be, to go.  I remember the nurse slapping my cheek, my hand and telling me with some urgency to wake up, to come on, look this way, breath... I didn't want to but it wasn't time for me to go to the place I saw, felt, desired.  Now, I don't tell many this because most think you are crazy or mark it off as some scientific phenomenon.  Now remember...I had no real use for this little "trip" at that time and did not know exactly why...

I really do not enjoy genealogy but about a year before my dad died I had a real urgency to dig in.  I decided that my dad was getting older and it would be neat to do his so he would know more about his family line...I began working on the Dayton family history and shared with him along the way my findings...why the urgency?

When my dad was admitted to the hospital for testing a couple of days before his death I was up visiting him.  I need to preface this story by saying that my family didn't freely say, "I love you"...I really don't ever remember it being said in my growing up years...we just didn't and don't.  It goes without saying but it needs to be said!  This is something I have worked hard to change with my family.  So, on with the story...I was getting ready to leave and I walked out the door of the hospital room and my body actually did a complete turn around and I looked my father in the eyes and told him I loved him and he told me he loved me, too.  At that time I actually felt possessed, but in a good way.  I did not understand what had happened or why...  Two days later he was entering the place I had seen, not caring too much about his family lineage but knowing he was loved and I knew he loved me.  I knew exactly where he was because God allowed me to see, page by page, how he had prepared us for this time.  Now if that is not the work of a mighty God...

Tomorrow I will continue to share the miracles that God provided through our loss...

~ This is crazy...or am I? ~

Today I woke up and thought...yea, I feel better.  My stomach had not hurt during the night and I was like, okay onward!  I got up, got dressed and headed to Wal-Mart to return a couple of items.  By the time I got there I wondered why I ever got up.  It was back.  The only good thing is that I have longer between "spells" now.  So, this is good news!  I can get some things done.  I head out to the garage to clean it all up tidy & nice.  I decide to pin all my ribbon rolls so they won't unroll in the drawers.  This is good in theory but in actuality it took all morning and into the afternoon for me! I had to take each one out and get them organized by color, size & style.  Yikes!  What possesses me?  It sure looks nice now though and I can easily find just what I need!  I then proceeded to vacuum and wash off the floor.  Then I painted the outside of the door that leads to the inside of the house and around the door area.  This seems to get dirty and I can't keep it clean after a while so each year I tackle the task.  There is so much to keeping up a house! Tomorrow I know I will be nearer to normal...okay, you are laughing!  I know I will never be normal and that is why I know my worthiness comes from God and not this world

I sure miss seeing my many graduated this year...

I have a friend "blogger" and he always ends his blog with "gig 'em"!  I'm not sure what this means except that he is an Aggie through & through & I love him to death!  I wish him so much success!!!  Go A.T. at A & M ...

Then there is K.R. ... love her, too.  She loves me but she doesn't want me to know it ;o)  She will find her niche and love life!!!

J.S. is just the coolest (is this in?) kid.  He has what it takes to be something unbelievable!  Keep the road straight & narrow!!!

S.D. a bombshell personality with a heart of gold.  She will beat anybody at the game!

Then there is, B.W.  The road has been paved and I know he does not want to be "mudd" so he will be"poured out" and finished in UT fashion!!!

Oh, I could go on and on!  I will say more on kids later...

~ Interesting ~

As I read about Mrs. Ramsey passing away, I thought it was so interesting that most headlines read, Jon Benet's mother dies, or something similar.  It did not say Patsy Ramsey dies from long battle with cancer...nope...she is only known as Jon Benet's mother.  I'm guessing her son is wondering if she was his mom???  How sad.  I know from the first moment we have children we lose our identity and become our children's mom.  For mothers we will always be that...the mother of our children and I would not trade that for anything.  I just think it is interesting that we cannot allow this woman's family more dignity than this.  I realize Jon Benet brought the family name the fame, as bad as it was, and this is how most will relate, but it just seems we could blast her name in the media with a little more sensitivity for her other child.  Just my opinion :o)

I am feeling better but still up and down.  This virus is bad!  I think D or D gave it to me ;o)  No, I'm just teasing!  Who knows where we get these crazy things?!  We had Aaron's dog The Red Razor this weekend.  Aaron took a little trip.  He is the best dog!  Really.  It is time for him to go home to his freezing home that he is use too though.  Poor thing has had to stay out in the garage at night!  I do have a big fan blowing on him and the rain sure cooled things down, very nice!  Here is The Red Razor...Dscn0779

~ WoW ~

I sure hope you don't get what I had.  It took two, really three days out of my week!  I don't ever remember being so sick.  Today I finally felt I could eat something and I'm trying to keep it with me ;o)  Well, you know I'm sick when I have to ask for help & I did ask Clinton to help mow.  I edged and swept.  I think if I keep doing a little bit along I will get some strength back...I hope so!  It was a bad week overall because a sweet little twirler (she was 20) died and she was buried Thursday.  There was a bus load of students from Durant who came and her band director spoke.  Mr. Christy did an excellent job.  It was a long service because they did a slide memorial.  It was all very sweet.  On top of that Charlcey Dickson's mom passed away and her funeral was Thursday morning in Brownfield.  I couldn't make that service but heard it was a sweet service, as well.  She fought a long battle and I know she will be missed.

I'm off for now to get a little more I need that!  Have a good Sunday in the Lord!

~ Nice People ~

There are some really nice people in my life.  God has richly blessed me.  I am not easy to please or easy to like (for long periods) and I realize these things.  I am very aware of who I am, my gifts and my weaknesses.  Patience is a virtue I lack much of.  God continues to work with me in this area.  You know, with Him all things are possible.  As I have mentioned in a previous blog I am pretty punctilious not to mention fastidious.  I am compulsive in that I cannot put off until tomorrow what I can do today, thanks to my mother!  Thanks mom! :o)  The strange thing is that there are things that could be done that never enter my preparing meals for the month or even the next day...vacuuming under every bed every week...painting the garage...ironing everything as you take it out of the dryer.  On that...I use to iron the sheets and pillow cases and every item as it was washed & dried.  I'm slackin' now!  So, I guess I'm getting more relaxed in my old age.  Did you know for years I made homemade flour tortillas?  This is before you could just go to United and buy them.  They are hard work but worth it!  So back to nice people, since I've made a complete circle of total confusion ;o)  I have a circle of friends that will never be broken because Christ is the center of our friendships...from friends of our children to friends of our parents; friends of new and friends of old...thank you friends!

~ Memories ~

Growing up both my parents worked.  We were what I would consider lower middle class.  You could say we lived on the wrong side of the right tracks.  Not sure where the wrong & right tracks were but I always heard that there were tracks!  I lived across the park from my good friend, Debby.  She is still my very good friend.  I guess since I am 50 we have been friends for 48 years.  Her mom was like a second mom to me.  She did not work outside the home and she fixed us oatmeal and toast.  I loved that!  She played Canasta and they had so much fun.  One time Debby put the car in gear then jumped out and it ran over her leg.  Another time we were arguing and I was just going to march myself in their house and tell Mom-rie what she was saying.  Only thing is that I was teasing and I stepped back to tell her and she was so hot on my heels she didn't stop!  Yep, she went right through the glass back door.  I think she had a few little cuts.  We were friends again & all was good.  Then there was the summer we raised the roof of the playhouse trying to learn to smoke Pall-Malls.  Her mom would knock and we were like hi, nope, we aren't doing anything!  Like she didn't know.  She knew exactly what she was doing.  We neither one ever smoked after that week...or did you Debby?  We use to play the Old Ghost is out Tonight (which is just a scary hide and seek) in the park with her cousins!  I'll never forget going to the lake and the seaweed crawling up our legs and us thinking it was a snake!  Then we sang 'don't just look at a Plymouth ~ step on it' all the way home!!!  NO, they don't have anything to do with each other & who knows why we sang it!  Another good memoryScan0002 was eating crackers and milk.  I sounds gross but I tell you it is go-oo-ood!  Try it.  Saltines in a glass of cold milk!  Well, I'm hungry now but full of memories.  Debby is a Gabby and she is pretty crazy about little Kallie, daughter of Tanner & Keila.  Of course her daughter, Kayci, is a pretty big deal...just ask her!  Poor Jimmy has to tolerate them all.  I know Mom-rie would be proud of all her kids...especially Debby!

~ Why? ~

Why are there days when everything just doesn't go as expected?  The days when you just feel off and like something is bothering you but you are not sure what.  I don't have these kind of days very often but today was one.  I felt like I was walking in circles all day.  Is it that I am getting old?  I will be that little old lady who misses the turn and ends up in a field in Kansas looking for Toto!  Well, tomorrow will be better.  Has to be.  Until then pray for my printer because right now it is looking at me and saying "I'm printing" but nothing is coming out.  Could be bad news!!!  Could be worse, too!  Have a good one!

Added note:  my printer is happy now :o)