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Floyd Bennett

That was the place to hang out in 60s. My sister was carhop at Eddies in 50s.

Roberta Burton

My favorite drink was a cherry vanilla phosphate with coffee cream! Only place in town. My older niece turned me on to it.

Nita Hanson Cleavelin

We circled Eddie's Drive Inn, drug up & down Broadway to the train depot, then back around

Randy Reecer

In the '60s I lived in Lockney and use to drive the 16 miles to Plainview on Fridays and Saturdays to chase the girls! Spent countless hours sitting at the Trio and hundreds of gallons of gas driving between the TR and the Arrowhead drive in. Great memories!

Brenda Ashmore

hey Eddie's Drive Inn =was my circle,, tee Hee! Brenda Churchwell

Jeannette Ruddell

I walked many miles daily working at the Trio as a carhop and working fountain. I worked there for awhile. I was working there when I decided I just had to get married in April of 1967. Gene and Betty Hargis owned it and I asked Gene for a week off and he wouldn't let me have the time off so I quit. I loved working there for Gene and Betty and hated to leave I was "in love". I saw Gene and Betty in Amarillo in the '80's I had stepped outside and there they were on the sidewalk. I thought I recognized them but went up to them and sure enough it was them. Gene asked how "the old married lady was" told him I was divorced with two kids. He told me he knew I should have worked instead of getting married. lol Trio Rebel was one of the drive in's in Plainview where we "circled" on weekend nights. I also worked at Eddie's drive in my senior year in high school.

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