www.phylliswall.com > Ware Hotel & Citizen's National Bank

balcony Round
two-story balcony
outer windows
side view of enclosed balcony
hall ceiling
bank toilet
bank dressing area
bank restrooms
wall and under wall
wall in boiler room area
one side of firebox for boiler
boiler doors
boiler unit
turn her on
boiler room door
entering boiler room
boiler room
communication board
someone dropped a bag
unusual brick
bank teller windows
old container
teller windows
metal grating over bank vault teller area
bank work table
bank basement work sink
bank vault
inside bank vault
bricks fill in around vault door
writing on wall inside of vault
old container sitting in vault
vault entry
basement service stairs
underneath stucco wall finish
service elevator
bank/hotel elevator opening basement
light in hotel entry
entry to hotel
metal trim on entry stairs
stairs to hotel reception area
wood flooring
pigeon sleleton
outside trim
arch as you enter elevator area ground floor
inside of elevator
concrete steps
out a north window
edge of staircase step
hotel entry banister
door to dining room